Language learning

Bilingual language learning is different from the way languages are taught as a second language in most schools. In very simple terms, it means learning 2 languages as a first language. Grammar and vocabulary is gradually picked up through interaction with the language. The advantage is that there is no need to wait until a child can read and it is generally a more pleasant way to learn a language, without tests and reviewing.

I would also recommend everyone that is learning a second language in the more traditional way, to make the experience more alive by immersing yourself in the language. It is the difference between knowing grammar/rules and a bit of vocabulary to becoming a confident user of the language.

If a family has more than one language, the language that is not commonly spoken outside of the house is at a clear disadvantage. Using resources like stories, videos and games can help to support the language in question. We will try to list some good resources in the submenus for the various languages. Feel free to contact us with your favourites, so we can add them.